Letter to Editor: Effects of Global Warming and Its Prevention

Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper telling him/her what you think about global warming, its effects and what people should do to prevent it from getting worse.

40, Tulsi Vihar
Dayal Bagh

23rd March, 20xx

The Editor
Hindustan Times

Subject: Effects of global warming and related precautions


Through your esteemed newspaper, I would like to spread awareness regarding global warming. Throughout the world every country is going through a phenomenon of global warming. World Health Organization (WHO), and Meteorological Departments and Scientific Research centers are every day conducting new surveys on global warming. According to them, global warming is more deadly than any war.

The most crucial effects of global warming are seen on peoples’ health, which will cause many skin diseases, and dehydration etc, which will also create health hazards throughout the globe. The depletion of Ozone layer is raising the temperature in all parts of the world, where glaciers are melting rapidly. This will cause floods in some areas while other areas will face scarcity of water. There will be no drinking water left for the future, there will be bad production of crops and acute shortage of food and grocery. There will be no more forests and animals will be affected badly.

To control global warming, people should be made aware of it through campaigns and rallies. Consumption of fuel should be reduced to minimum. Road traffic in big cities should be reduced through car pools, and metro train is the best alternative. We should not cut trees, instead, we should plant more trees. Eco clubs should be setup in every city and “Mission to Safeguard our forests” should be encouraged.

I would like you to print this letter in your esteemed newspaper, so that, we can control global warming as soon as possible.

Thanking you

Yours truly
Tarun Mittal

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