Letter to Editor: Employing Minor Children as Domestic Help

Write a letter to the Editor of a local newspaper complaining about employing minor children both boys and girls as full domestic help is a common feature, also advocating the need to stop such practice which deprives the children of their basic rights. You are Mahesh Kumar/Rajshsree A-30, Defence Colony, New Delhi.

A-30, Defence Colony
New Delhi

29th July, 2019

The Editor
Hindustan Times
New Delhi

Subject: Stopping Child Labour


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper I want to raise my voice against the exploitation of minors by the so called elite class. They employ some boys and girls as full time domestic help in order to save money. These children are given very less salary. They have to work hard the whole day whereas the children of the employer enjoy all the luxuries of the life and study in good schools. Sometimes the employers go to the extent of inflicting atrocities on these children. It is really painful to see that at this tender age these children are compelled to work under most unfavourable conditions.

Most of the time, parents of these children are responsible for their plight. Just to add the income of the family they drop their children from school and engage them in doing such job. Our Government should take some concrete steps to improve the condition of these underprivileged children. I would like you to give an appropriate space to my letter in your esteemed newspaper so that the authorities concerned wake up and take an appropriate action.

Yours sincerely
Mahesh Kumar

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