Letter to Editor: Garbage Strewn Results in Unbearable Stink

You happened to notice a lot of garbage strewn in your locality. The inefficiency of the authorities in clearing the garbage on time has resulted in an unbearable stink. The people feel that this indifference is sure to spread diseases. Write a letter in about 100-150 words to the editor of a newspaper on this problem and what you think can be done to curb this menace. You are Ishu/Vivan, F-506, Vikas Puri, New Delhi.

F-506, Vikas Puri
New Delhi

16th June 20XX

The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi

Sub: Inefficiency of authorities in clearing garbage.


Through the column of your esteemed newspaper I wish to bring to the notice of the Municipal Corporation the inefficiency of the concerned authorities in clearing the garbage on time in our locality.

The accumulated garbage gives out an unbearable stink making it difficult for the residents to walk in the colony. The garbage that is strewn around breeds a lot of mosquitoes and flies. The people of our locality feel that this indifference on the part of the authorities is sure to spread diseases. Our repeated complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

It is our request to the MCD to allow the Residents Association to take charge of allocating responsible agencies with the job of clearing garbage on time. We will ensure that the garbage is dumped at the right place at the right time. This will also enable us to keep our locality clean and hygiene and help instill a sense of civic awareness among the residents.

I sincerely hope you will publish my letter in your esteemed newspaper so that our woes are brought to
the notice of the Municipal Corporation.

Yours sincerely

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