Letter to Editor: Inadequate Parking Facilities in Street

Write a letter to the Editor, Deccan Times, Bangalore about the inadequate parking facilities in the Commercial Street, M.G. Road, which is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people. Offer your suggestions. You are Anoop/Ritu, 24 Hennus Road, Bangalore.

24, Hennus Road

10 February, 20××

The Editor
Deccan Times

Subject: Inadequate Parking Facility


With due respect, I wish to say that I Anoop, own an electronic shop in the Commercial Street, M.G. Road. There is a good number of shops on both sides of the street. Every day, huge crowd gathers here for shopping. Many shopkeepers and people come by their car in the area. Many visitors also come by their car. But the main problem is that the parking facility is inadequate, space is less, the vehicles are more.

This causes great inconvenience to the people. Shopping in this area has become very difficult, as the passages and by-lanes get jammed by vehicles. Besides, too many vehicles cause too much traffic, which further worsens the situation, sometimes by causing accidents even.

An open field adjacent to the commercial area, is lying vacant. This can be used as an authorised parking place, which will reduce the problem of parking in the area.

I hope the concerned authorities will take this matter into consideration without further delay and take an immediate action.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

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