Letter to Editor: Kerala Hit by Floods, Loss of Life and Property

Kerala was badly hit by floods due to heavy rains. Even today the victims are suffering financially, physically and mentally. Write a letter in 120 – 150 words to the Editor. ‘The Times of Kerala’ giving details of the loss of life and property. Also, make an appeal to the people and the Government to provide help and relief to the afflicted. You are Varun/ Vandana, 31 Shastri Nagar, Trichi.

31 Shastri Nagar,

3rd March 20XX

The Editor
The Times of Kerala

Subject: Relief for survivors of floods in Kerala


Through the columns of your esteemed and widely read newspaper, I would like to highlight the present conditions of the people affected by the floods that devastated Kerala last year.

The floods that caused a lot of death and destruction in ‘God’s own land, has left behind a trail of victims a year after it wreaked havoc in the state. These survivors of the flood are still struggling to deal with the consequences on their own. They are dealing with the physical damage as well as the mental and emotional trauma that comes with having survived the event without those that are dear to them. These people have lost their livelihood and some have even lost mobility and structure.

I request you to highlight their plight in the newspaper. They are in need of the basic necessities and more. Any help offered by the government and the people reading this, would make a world of change in their lives.

Yours respectfully,

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