Letter to Editor: More Can Be Done in the Field of Education

You have been involved with an NGO, ‘VERDICT’ working in the field of education. In July 2012, your organisation admitted 150 students, who were engaged in other activities, in the Govt. and public schools under RTEA-2009. Write a letter in about 100-120 words to the editor of a newspaper relating your experience and suggesting what more could be done in the field of education. You are Ankit/Ankita living at ‘Nehru Vihar’, New Delhi.

15, Nehru Vihar

17 August, 20XX

The Editor
The Hindustan Times

Subject: Importance of Education


In today’s age everyone would agree that education is a must. I have been involved with an NGO called ‘Verdict’ for the past two years. Our core field of work is to spread awareness about the importance of education and to provide education. In July 2012, we got 150 students admitted in Government and public schools under the provisions of RTEA-2009.

My experience with the NGO has been an overwhelming one, yet an eye-opening one too. A lot still needs to be done if we want our country to develop and progress. One possible solution to this situation is to make it compulsory for ‘Each One to Teach One.’ Along with this, if the schools are compelled to turn to afternoon classes and provide education to the people of lower strata at subsidized fees, the problem would be solved to a great extent. I hope to seek the cooperation of every enlightened citizen in this regard.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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