Letter to Editor: Mosquito Menace Due to Stagnant Water

Write a letter the Editor, ‘The Hindu’ about the mosquito menace due to stagnant water in your locality. Give suggestions to improve the situation. You are Raman/Renu, living in Rajaji Nagar, Tiruneveli.

Rajaji Nagar

9 March, 20××

The Editor
The Hindu
New Delhi

Subject: Mosquito Menace in the Locality


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authority towards the mosquito menace in our locality.

I am a resident of Ram Vilas Society, which is situated in one of the poshest localities of Rajaji Nagar. However, due to lack of maintenance, the locality has lost its charm. One of the empty plots has, by default, become the garbage dumping ground.

In addition, the heavy down pour last month let a lot of water get accumulated in the ground. The unattended garbage and the stagnant water has resulted in breeding of mosquitoes and other harmful germs. Due to the negligence of the authorities the entire locality is living in fear that epidemic may break any time now.

Despite many requests to the officers of the Municipal Corporation, the ground has not been cleared and dried off for a very long time. Children and adults are still exposed to multiple diseases because of unhygienic conditions within the locality.

The situation needs to be checked soon as it is hazardous for everyone’s health. I wish that the authorities will pay heed to our urgent requests and take remedial action immediately.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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