Letter to Editor: Negative Influence of Advertisements on People

There is a flood of advertisements on television channels these days. Useless commodities and even superstitious beliefs are promoted through glamorous and exaggerated presentations. Write a letter to the Editor, ‘New Indian Express’ about the negative influence such advertisements have on the minds of the people.

Mayur Vihar

15 March, 20××

The Editor
New Indian Express

Subject: Negative Influence of Advertisements


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I wish to draw the attention of the general public towards the negative influence of advertisements on the mind of the people.

The general public is very well aware of the flood of advertisements on television channels, selling wrong ideas and superstitious beliefs along with useless commodities, which may or may not be completely effective.

Advertisements, especially those of fairness products, antiaging creams, body sprays/perfumes, etc. are misleading the general public. They promote ideas, such as fair skin is beautiful, aging is bad and some fragrances make you irresistible to the opposite sex. That’s not all. Most advertisements objectify women, which does not send a right message to the children.

Advertisements, which show celebrities doing dangerous stunts by themselves, influence kids and youngsters to quite an extent. There have been incidents where kids/youngsters have met with fatal accidents while attempting these stunts at home without adult supervision. Although such an ad comes with a warning that the stunts should not be tried at home. However, it is so small that it easily goes unnoticed.

There are also ads, which appeal to the religious psyche of some viewers. They try to sell solutions for various life problems one is suffering from by offering religious remedies. Superstitious consumers fall prey to these ads quite easily and resort to various ill-practices to fulfil their wishes.

It is through you newspaper that, I wish to appeal to the general public not to believe everything that is shown to them in television ads and make their buying decisions wisely.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

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