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Letter to Editor: Neglect of Parks

Two main parks in your locality have suffered from neglect on the part of local authorities. They have virtually been taken over by undesirable elements. As a result the residents have stopped going to the parks. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the editor of a local newspaper expressing your concern about the problems the neglect has created and suggest measures to reclaim the parks for children. You are Gautam/Gauri 2, Gobind Enclave, Meerut.

2, Gobind Enclave

12th March, 20XX

The Editor
The Jagran Times

SubjectNeglect of parks


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the authorities to the problems created due to the neglect of the parks in Gobind Enclave.

It is unfortunate that the parks of the area are neglected. As a result, some undesirable elements have taken over them. It is no more safe for the children to go and play there.

The parks have turned squalid that even the residents have stopped going there. The pathetic conditions of these parks has made them look like a big pit of garbage.

We hope that the concerned authorities will take immediate steps to reclaim these parks for children.

Yours faithfully


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