Letter to Editor: Poor Time Management and Lack of Punctuality

Some of us have often been ridiculed for poor time management and lack of punctuality. You feel that it affects the image of our country. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily in 100-120 words, mentioning the reasons for our weakness and how we can change ourselves. You are Arun/ Aruna, 24 Mall Road, Agra.

24, Mall Road

August 25, 20XX

The Editor
The Hindu
New Delhi-110006

Subject: Poor time management and its effect on people


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to make the readers aware of the importance of time management.

In recent times we hear about more and more people being ridiculed for poor time management and punctuality. Procrastination has become a habit. All this is because the value of time was not taught in childhood. People have developed an easy going attitude. They are perfectly fine if people have to wait for them for hours. Be it a celebrity or a commoner, the attitude remains the same. Being late in fact has become a cultural phenomenon.

The importance of being on time is not seriously considered these days. It is important that from a young age itself, children were taught the value of time. They should be rewarded or publicly praised for being punctual. At the same time, they should be penalised for not being punctual. Small children learn quickly from stories and anecdotes. These should be used to tell the value and importance of time.

Children look up to their elders for learning such values. So, it is important that family and the school staff also serve, as role models for them by being punctual. Let us endeavour to develop a culture of being punctual. Only then we, as a nation, can progress by leaps and bounds.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely

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