Letter to Editor: Reforming Beggars

In about 100-120 words, express your views by writing a letter to the Editor of daily local newspaper on the subject ‘Reforming Beggars’.

18, Rani Bagh
New Delhi

December 15, 20××

The Editor
The Tribune
New Delhi

Subject: Reforming Beggars


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I’d like to draw the attention of Local Councillor towards the above mentioned problem. It is a very common sight to see beggars near the religious places, especially near the temples. And we, the God fearing and generous people show pity on them. On this very point, we indirectly do wrong to them. When we give money to them, we indirectly provide them indulgence.

Instead of making them handicapped by giving them, we should help them in such a direction so they should stand on their own, i.e., they should be made capable to earn respectfully. They should be given shelter under the name of some local institution, meant for social work. Then they can be trained as per their interest. The members of our society have already taken steps in this direction.

You are requested to give this letter an appropriate place, that our request should reach to the concerned authority. The Local Councillor and the plan of involving the beggars should be started at the earliest.

Thanking you

Yours truly

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