Letter to Editor: Use of Chemicals in Keeping Vegetables Fresh

You are concerned about the use of chemicals in keeping green and leafy vegetables fresh. Write a letter to the editor expressing your views about the same. Do not exceed the word limit of 100 – 120 words.

405, Sudarshan Apartments
New Delhi

28th April, 2016

The Editor
Times of India

Subject: Use of chemicals to keep vegetables and fruits fresh

Dear Sir

I shall deem it a great favour if you publicize about the use of chemicals to keep vegetables and fruits fresh.

Fruits and vegetables are highly nutritious and form a key food commodity in the human meal. They are highly perishable due to their low shelf life. These food commodities are reported to be contaminated with toxic and health hazardous chemicals.

Chemicals like calcium carbide and oxytocin are reportedly being used in fruit and vegetable mandis for artificial ripening of fruits and for increasing the size of fruits and vegetables respectively. Calcium carbide more commonly known as ‘masala’ is a carcinogenic agent. Oxytocin is a mammalian hormone, used as a drug in veterinary services which is not advised for use in fresh fruits and vegetables.

I, therefore, request you to publish this letter so that the concerned authority may take action against wrong-doers and the public may stay away from buying such hazardous vegetables and fruits.

Yours sincerely

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