Letter to Editor: Value System is the Backbone of an Individual’s Character

In about 100-120 words, write a letter to the Editor of a local daily, expressing your views on the subject “Value system is the backbone of an individual’s character”.

Triveni Enclave

5 December 20××

The Editor
The Indian Express
New Delhi

Subject: Value system is the backbone of an individual’s character


Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I wish to put forward my views regarding value systems, since values are being absent in modern society. This would be possible if importance is given in the education system. There is no stress in the educational institutions to uplift the students morally. Ethical values have gone with the wind in the modern, complex and fast competitive era. We should realize the real aim of education, which is not confined to mere cramming of literary pieces or facts of science.

A dedicated individual is a boon to the society and the nation. Our education should lay stress on cultivating human values. Value Education can help in removing all social and cultural evils. Hope you will help me in bringing my views forward.

Thanking you

Yours truly

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