Letter to Editor: Zebra Crossing and Traffic Lights in Front School

There is a busy road in front of your school. A large number of students have to cross the road while going back home. They run a great risk. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Editor, Navjiwan Times, Agra drawing attention of the concerned authorities to the problem. Make a request to mark a zebra crossing and to put traffic lights in front of your school. Your are Amit/Anita, Class X, New Age Public School, Ram Nagar, Agra.

New Agra Public School
Ram Nagar

March 30th, 20××

The Editor
Navjiwan Times

Subject: Request to make zebra crossing


Through the columns of your reputed newspaper, I wish to draw immediate attention of concerned authorities towards the traffic menace on the road in front of New Agra Public School, Ram Nagar.

The road is always congested and traffic jams are common here. The major concern arises due to the movement of heavy vehicles on the road. There are no speed breakers or zebra crossings on the road, which makes it tough for the people, especially school students to cross the road.

Thus, this road is accident prone. I, a student of class X, New Agra Public School, on behalf of the students and school authorities, request you to make provision of creating zebra crossing on the road so that crossing the road would not be a life threatening task for the children and other people.

I thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely

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