Letter to Friend: Thanking Him For Holiday Spent at His House

Write a letter to your friend thanking him for a lovely holiday you spent at his house in Mumbai.

House No. 99
Rajender Nagar
New Delhi

30th April, 2017

Dearest Manav

I have reached home safely after a long and tiring journey. I wish to thank you for the lovely holidays that I spent in your company at your place. I really enjoyed my one week stay in Mumbai. The beaches were lovely and they were so beautiful. The sea at sunset looks awesome. The morning walks at the seaside were so invigorating. The fresh sea breeze filled me with a new strength.

I loved the Maharashtrian cuisine. The Vada Pav and Bhelpuri were gorgeous. This trip to Mumbai will be etched forever on my mind. Now you must visit Delhi. I shall take you all around to see the historical monuments. Convey my thanks and regards to your parents.

Yours Lovingly

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