Letter to Friend: Inter School Drama Competition

Your friend has been sick and has been unable to attend school for two weeks. An Inter school drama competition took place during this period. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the event and your role in it.

208, Tulip Apartments

27th February, 20XX

Dear Rashi

Hope you are feeling better now. It’s nearly ten days you haven’t been to school. During these days, you missed a chance of inter school drama competition, which took place in our school auditorium on 16th Feb. Nearly six top schools of Agra took part in it. Hindi film actor Mr. Amol Palekar was the chief-guest from Mumbai.

3 Dramas in English and 3 Dramas in Hindi were played altogether. Each school was given one drama to play. Our school had to act on Shakespeare play, “The Merchant of Venice”. I was lucky enough I got the role of Portia the main character. Suresh acted as Antonio, Rahul acted as Bassanio and the top negative character of Shylock was acted by Jeetu. Only the court scene was acted.

Our English teacher, Mr. Ramnath Prabhakar, took all the credit for the success of the play. He worked nearly 6-8 hours every day to practice the scene along with dialogues with each one of us. We also went to Sir’s house to practice in the evenings. My role of Portia was highly appreciated specially the dialogues on, “Mercy”. People applauded a lot.

But the great news is that our school won the competition. I got the award for the best actress from Mr. Amol Palekar, a trophy and a certificate, which I will show you once you are back to school. I wish you were there on that very moment. Give my regards to uncle and aunty and love to Ananya waiting to see you in the school soon.

Yours lovingly

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