Letter to Friend: Trekking Expedition Experience

Mudit is a student of J. P. Public School, Karnal. He has just returned from a trekking expedition. He writes a letter to his friend Lakshya of Jhansi, sharing his experience. Write the same.

J. P. Public School

24th October, 20XX

Dear Lakshya

Hope this letter finds you in the best of health and high spirits.

I am writing this letter to share my trekking experience with you. Recently I went to Mussoorie for trekking with a group of students of my school. There we had to stay in tents and with the help of guides, we climbed the mountains and also did rock climbing. It seemed to be very dangerous. Although all steps were taken for our safety yet there was a fear in our minds. In the beginning we hesitated, but once we started, we forgot our fear and enjoyed a lot.

We even did river rafting. The entire trip was adventurous and exciting. If you ever get a chance to go for a trek, don’t miss it.

Yours affectionately

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