Complaint Letter for Irregular Delivery of Letters

Write a letter to the postmaster complaining against the irregular delivery of your letters. You are Amit/Anita, a resident of Janakpuri, New Delhi.

C-43, Janakpuri
New Delhi

15th September, 2017

The Postmaster
Janakpuri Post office
New Delhi

Subject: The Irregular delivery of our letters


I want to attract your kind attention towards the rising rate of irregular delivery of letters. Postman delivers the wrong post and it is a matter of concern because it has happened several times when we have lost our important posts.

Under the circumstances, I request you to look into the matter without delay. Please take a strict and random action against the irregularity. The postman who does not do his duty should also be penalized. I hope these steps shall help in solving this problem.

Yours faithfully

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