Letter to Principal for Irregular Bus Service

You are Madhurima, a resident of Sector 27, Chandigarh. The school bus which is serving in your sector is irregular. Write a letter to the Principal complaining against it and requesting him to make arrangements for the regular bus services.

The Principal
Vidya Model School

3rd April 20XX

Subject: Irregular Bus Services

Dear Sir

We wish to bring to your notice that one school Bus No. 5, which plies in Sector 27 is rather irregular. It either comes very late or does not come at all. Quite often we come ratherlate to school. This has greatly inconvenienced our parents as well, most of whom are working.

Repeated complaints to the bus driver and the school transport department have yielded no result.

We request you to look into this matter and see that there is regular bus service on this route.

Yours faithfully

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