Letter to Principal for More Water Cooler in School

Your are the Head Boy/Girl of SKV FU block, Rohini. The students have been complaining to you about shortage of cold drinking water outlets in the school. Write a letter to the Principal of the school requesting for on more water cooler in the school.

The Principal
DPS School
New Delhi

16 December 20XX

Subject: Request for more Water Coolers

Dear Sir

Through this letter of mine, I would like to bring to your notice the problems being faced by the students. There is an inadequate number of water coolers in the school.

Students have to wait in long queues especially during recess in front of the water cooler in the school. This sometimes leads to quarrels and delay in going back to classes, especially among the senior students.

We request you to get some more coolers installed in the school.

Therefore, we request you to take necessary step for installing adequate number of water coolers in the school as early as possible.

Thank you

Yours obediently
(Head Boy)

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