Letter to Uncle: Pet for Birthday

Your uncle has offered to get you a pet for your birthday. Write a letter to him telling him what you would like, give reasons for your choice and tell him how you would take care of your pet.

118, Raghav Kunj
Gurudwara Road

28th February, 20XX

Dear Uncle.

Thank you for your letter. I was glad to read that you have offered to get me a pet for my birthday. Uncle, thankyou very much for your loving concern. Uncle before you buy any pet for me, can I please recommend you a pet of my choice?

Uncle, I would love to have a dog as my pet, as most of my friends have them. Secondly, uncle as you know my father is always on a touring job, so only we two kids and mom are left all alone at home, which is quite risky. And, moreover our house remains almost vacant when Papa goes on tour, Mamma to her teaching job and I and Kajal go to school.

Nowadays, in our locality lot of burglaries are taking place during the daytime. In that case if we have a dog or small puppy, it will guard our house in our absence. And uncle, don’t worry, I will personally take care of it properly. I will feed it, bathe it, and take it out for walks in the evenings. We will treat it as a family member.

On the contrary, some days back, we were insisting mom that we should buy a dog before receiving your letter. Please, all of you join me on my birthday on coming Sunday. We all want to spend time with you all.

Regards to you and Aunty and love to Neeru and Vinay.

Yours lovingly

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