Loneliness in Through the Looking-Glass

Loneliness runs deep through the story of Alice Through the Looking Glass. Loneliness seems to be lingering whichever way she goes, from the beginning of the story, Alice has nobody to talk to or play with, except her cats to whom she gives human attributes so that they could play pretend. As the story progresses and she enters the Looking –Glass house she looks for friendship and compassion but she is faced by hostility and contempt. The flowers insult her, the Red Queen is abrasive, the fawn from whom she finds warmth runs away the moment she realizes that she is a human child, and Humpty Dumpty is proud and rude to her. She finds no warmth in the company of the people out of the Looking –Glass and inside the looking glass. The only person who is nice to her also has to leave her when she reaches the Eighth square. For Alice it was just herself all along the novel, looking for a little warmth and companionship.

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