Lost and Found Advertisement Examples

Personal belonging lost or found can be retrieved or returned by placing a Lost and Found ad. Begin with ‘Lost’ or ‘Found’.

Important points to remember when write Lost and Found advertisements:

  • Begin with ‘Lost’ or ‘Found’.
  • Specify the item.
  • Give a brief physical description.
  • Mention when/where lost or found.
  • Reward, if any, to the founder.

Q. Write an advertisement for the lost and found column of a local newspaper stating the loss in a local bus of a bag containing important documents. You are Ram/Rama.

Q. Write an advertisement in not more than 50 words for the Lost & Found column of the daily “National Herald”, Lucknow stating the loss of your wallet containing a D.D. for Rs 32,500 and some cash, while travelling by bus from Hazratganj to Nirala Nagar in Lucknow. You are Raman/Roopa, 22-A Hazratganj, Lucknow.

Q. You have lost an expensive watch probably in the market. Write an advertisement for the ‘Lost and Found’ column of a local newspaper giving all the relevant details. Offer a reward also. Write the advertisement in about 50 words. You are Gopal/Gopa, 4 Manav Road, Kanpur.

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