20 Material Noun Examples in Sentences

A material noun is a name given to a material or substance of which things are made. Material nouns are usually uncountable nouns which means they can not be counted. Therefore, they in general cannot be pluralized.

Here are some of the most commonly used material nouns with example sentences:

1. AluminumAluminum never occurs in the metallic form in nature.

2. Coal – The use of coal has decreased over the years.

3. CopperCopper is a good conductor of electricity.

4. CalciumCalcium is good for bones.

5. Cotton – He is wearing a cotton shirt.

6. Cloth – A handkerchief is made of a piece of cloth.

7. Diamond – She lost her diamond ring in the subway.

8. Flour – I am going to knead the flour.

9. Glass – This bottle is made of glass.

10. Gold – We are going to buy some gold earrings.

11. Iron – That gate is made of iron.

12. Marble – This plate is made of marble.

13. Meat – A huge amount of meat is required for the wedding.

14. Milk – She spilt the milk by mistake.

15. Paper – These books are made of paper.

16. Platinum – He has bought two platinum rings.

17. Plastic – This bottle is made of plastic.

18. Silver – That nose pin is made of silver.

19. Wood – This table is made of wood.

20. Wool – This sweater is made of wool.

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