Missing Person / Animal Advertisement Examples

Putting up an ad in the newspaper is one of the best ways to find a missing person or pet because newspapers have a wide reach as well as readership. Begin with ‘Missing’.

Important details for Missing Person / Animals Advertisements

  • Begin with ‘Missing’
  • Give brief physical description.
  • Mention name, age & identifying features,
  • Since when/from where missing.
  • Reward offered
  • Contact address and phone number.
  • Person (specific)
    • a height, complexion, build.
    • clothes
  • Pet (specific)
    • breed, colour of fur/skin, etc.

Q. Your younger brother aged 5 has been missing for the last three days. Draft an advertisement in not more than 50 words for the Missing Persons column of a local newspaper. You are Ram/Rama. Contact numbers 9310700000.

Q. You are P.K. Bansal of 57 Rajendra Park, New Delhi. Your pet dog Scabbie is missing. Write an advertisement for the ‘Missing Pet Animals’ column of a newspaper.

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