Modal Verbs – Exercises for Class 6

Modals are verbs that are places as helping verbs before ordinary verbs and express permission, possibility, certainty, necessity, ability, and suggestion. Modal verbs can never stand alone in a sentence.

  • Ability / Permission: can, could, may, shall, might
  • Simple future: shall, will
  • obligation / necessity: must


Q. Fill in the blanks using the correct modals from the box.

can, may, will, should, must, would

  1. ______________ all your dreams come true!
  2. ______________ you swim to the other bank?
  3. We ______________ always be kind to animals.
  4. ______________ you please pass me the pen?
  5. You ______________ speak the truth now.
  6. We ______________ come to your birthday party.


  1. May
  2. Can
  3. should
  4. Would
  5. must
  6. will

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