Modal Verbs – Exercises for Class 7

Modals are verbs which are used before ordinary verbs to express permission, suggestion, obligation, and so on. They signify the attitude, mood, and intention of the speaker. The modal verbs are can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would.


Q. Complete the sentences using the correct modals.

  1. She ___________ definitely come to your house when she is free. (shall/will)
  2. ___________ all your wishes come true! (may/could)
  3. I ___________ attend extra classes. (shall/will)
  4. Sir, ___________ we submit our projects day after tomorrow? (can/could)
  5. We ___________ be thankful to our teachers for teaching us values. (ought to/might)


  1. will
  2. May
  3. shall
  4. could
  5. ought to

Q. Rewrite the sentences using the modals given in the brackets.

  1. I need to see your pass. (may)
  2. Do you think he will come today? (would)
  3. Perhaps he is still trying to buy a guitar. (could)
  4. Do you have the ability to drive a car? (can)
  5. I want her bottle to drink water. (may)


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