Mystery of the Talking Fan – Important Questions

Important Question and Answers

Q. What does the poet mean by saying ‘a talking fan’?

Ans. The fan was making a lot of noise and therefore the poet says that it was a talking fan.

Q. Why does the poet say ‘electrical chatter’?

Ans. The fan is an electrical device. The fan was making a noise which the poet couldn’t understand. As it was from an electrical device, so he termed it as electrical chatter.

Q. How did the fan stop talking?

Ans. One day someone oiled the motor of the fan and it stopped making noise, i.e., it stopped talking.

Q. What was the effect of the oiling on the fan?

Ans. When the motor of the fan was oiled, it started running smoothly and became silent.

Q. What do you think the fan was trying to say through its electrical chatter?

Ans. The motor of the fan had became dry and it needed oiling. That‘s why it had that electrical chatter and was asking for oiling.

Q. What type of chatter did the fan have?

Ans. The fan’s chatter was electrical.

Q. How did the fan run after it was oiled?

Ans. The fan, after it was oiled, ran as silently as water.

Q. All the ‘mystery’ was spoilt. How?

Ans. The poet was curious to know the reason behind noise but he could not figure it out. He could hear the chatter of the fan. But soon, he come to know about it. Then, this noise was lost as the fan’s motor was oiled. Thereafter, the talking fan became silent, and there was no sound at all.

Q. Why was the fan attractive to the poet?

Ans. The fan was attractive to the poet because once the fan began to make some sound, the poet could imagine many things. So, he imagined that it was trying to talk to him. Thus it attracted the poet’s attention and the poet began to create stories about it.

Q. The poet could not clearly hear the fan’s chatter. Why?

Ans. The poet could not clearly hear the fan’s chatter because it was chattering in an electrical language which the poet did not understand.

Q. Discuss the mystery of the fan. How did it come to an end?

Ans. According to the poet, the mystery of the fan was that it demanded oil. When the motor of the fan was oiled, the fan started running as smooth as water. Thus, the mystery came to an end.

Q. The fan was chattering a lot. Who could understand the need of the fan?

Ans. The poet says that the talking fan was producing noise at a high pitch continuously. It is true fact that besides the poet, others could hear it too. Though the poet was curious, he never made an attempt to understand what the talking fan said or what was the need of the fan. But before she could understand, the message was decoded by another person and he oiled the motor of the fan. Thus, the need of the fan came to an end.

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