Naming Words – Exercises for Class 2

Naming words are names of persons, places, and things. In the following sentences, the words Rina, school, dog, and bone are naming words.

  1. Rina goes to school.
  2. The dog has a bone.

Rina is the name of a person. School is the name of a place. Dog is the name of an animal. Bone is the name of a thing.


Q. Pick the naming words from the box and put in the correct columns.

doctor, hospital, tree, boy, rickshaw, school, peacock, Arjun, computer, dolphin, post office, donkey


Q. From the given sentences, write the name of animals and the names of places in separate columns.

  1. A cow lives in a shed.
  2. A lion lives in a den.
  3. A fish lives in water.
  4. A horse lives in a stable.
  5. A dog lives in a kennel.


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