Note Making: Higher Education

A developing nation needs trained human resource and it is the human resource that higher education nurtures. In order to be a developed country and to keep pace with other progressive nations, our students need to be highly educated. I have seen that we have more faith in a professional who is highly educated than in one who is not academically bright. So higher education is not only necessary but also vital in the modern context.

There is no doubt that higher education is a must for all students. It enhances one’s skills and adds that extra zing to the resume. It is definitely more advantageous to opt for higher education in the modern age. Higher education is the need of the hour. If you hold a master’s or a doctorate degree, you obviously have an upper hand over the rest. Higher education is gaining momentum, there is no denying to the fact that specialisation makes you more aware, knowledgeable and analytical, thereby enhancing your judgemental skills to overcome problematic situations.

Higher education also offers a better standard of living. Students who opt for higher education are better decision makers as their knowledge reservoir is denser than the rest. It has become important to remain updated these days and one cannot afford to remain blank on being questioned about any topic. Higher education broadens one’s horizons by opening a whole new world of immense information and growth. There is so much to learn. Also, vocational courses have been introduced which further help students to have a better standard of living.

Higher education does open a whole new world of opportunities for students. Higher education is definitely not a waste of time in today’s fast paced world. For students these days, vocational courses are important and they can be done simultaneously with higher education. Higher education is very important since it opens up new values for students. Along with higher education, students need to go in for skill-based professional courses too.

Higher education guarantees a better understanding and approach towards complex situations. Once you research and learn much more than others, you can offer better and quicker solutions. Investing in higher education is fruitful in the long run as you don’t stick to prescribed syllabus and gain a vantage point over others. One’s knowledge reservoir reaches a zenith by reading numerous books, especially during vocational or specialisation courses. Teachers and Principals support higher education. It has become necessary for students to start earning early in life however that should not be at the cost of higher education. It depends on the individuals too as how they can balance various other pursuits in tandem with the higher education. There is ample scope for students to excel in higher education in our educational scenario.

Q. On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it using headings and sub-headings. Use recognizable abbreviations wherever necessary. Suggest a suitable title.

Higher Education

  1. Higher education is a must.
    1. Develping nation needs trained human resource.
    2. To keep pace with other progrsve nations.
    3. Vital in the mod. Context.
  2. Need for higher education.
    1. Enhances one’s skills.
    2. Makes one knowledgeable & analytcl.
    3. Offers better std. of living.
    4. Broadens one’s horizons.
  3. Advantages of higher education.
    1. Fruitful in the long run.
    2. Knowledge reaches a zenith.
    3. Helps students to start earning early.
Key to Abbreviations
1. Develping Developing
2. Progrsve Progressive
3. Mod. Modern
4. & And
5. Analytcl Analytical
6. std. Standard

Q. Write a summary of the passage in 60 words using the notes made.


Higher education is a must in the modern scenario. A developing nation needs trained human resources which it can have only through higher education. It is vital in the modern context and is required to keep pace with other progressive nations. Higher education enhances one’s skills and makes one knowledgeable and analytical. It offers better standard of living also as it broadens one’s horizons. Higher education is the need of the hour and it is fruitful in the long run. It helps students to start earning early and to excel in knowledge which reaches a zenith when a person gets higher education.

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