Notice on Celebrate Wednesday as Green Day

You are Raman/Ramya the head boy/girl of R.P.V.V. Lajpat Nagar. Your school has decided to celebrate the coming Wednesday as Green Day. It will be a ‘no garbage generation day’ and junk food will not be allowed in the tiffin box. To promote the awareness, a painting competition will be organised in the school auditorium. Write a notice informing the students about it.

R.P.V.V Lajpat Nagar


5 April 20xx

Green Wednesday

All the students are hereby informed that the school will celebrate Wednesday. 10 April as in the ‘Green Day’. It will be a ‘No Garbage Generation’ day and students will not litter anywhere in the school. Students are instructed not to bring junk food in their tiffins. A Painting Competition will be organized in the school auditorium at 9 a.m. Interested students should bring A4 sheets and colours. For more information, contact the undersigned.

(Cultural Secretary)

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