Notice on Troop of Scouts and Guides for Jamboree

You are Scout Master/Guide Captain of K.R. Sagar Public School, Mysore. You have decided to send a troop of scouts and guides of your school to the Jamboree to be held at Lucknow for a week. Draft a notice in not more than 50 words to be placed on the school notice board inviting the names of those scouts and guides who are interested to participate in the Jamboree. Invent the necessary details.

Sagar Public School, Mysore


5th April, 20XX

Jamboree for Scouts and Guides

A Jamboree is to be held on 5th May, 20XX in Lucknow. Intersted scouts and guides can submit their names by 25th April, 20XX so that necessary arrangements can be made. For further details please contact the undersigned.

Scout Master

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