150+ Noun Examples in Sentences

A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or idea.

Here’s a list of the most used nouns in English for students with example sentences.

AbilityI have no doubts as to your ability.

Activity – What’s your favorite activity?

Addition – He can’t do addition properly yet.

Advertising – The company spends a lot of money on advertising.

Advice – I need advice from an expert.

Analysis – He made a thorough analysis of the situation.

Apartment – He rented an apartment in New York.

Appearance – He checked her appearance in the mirror.

ApplicationCompany received several applications for the job.

Area – You need permission to enter a restricted area.

Army – He joined the army after graduating from high school.

Art – He earns money by selling art.

Article – Who wrote this article?

Association – I have no association with him.

Attention – You need to pay more attention in school.

Audience – There was a large audience at the concert last night.

BasisTrust is the only basis for a good working relationship.

Bird – Did you see that bird?

Blood – There was blood on the floor.

Boy – I was the new boy at the office.

Camera – He bought a new camera.

Category – There is a separate category for senior citizens.

Cell – He was alone in his cell.

Chemistry – We have a chemistry class together.

Child – He is not a child.

Cigarette – You should not smoke cigarettes they are not good for your health.

City – We live in a big city.

Collection – The library has a large collection of books.

Combination – The lock won’t open without the correct combination.

CommunicationCommunication is very important in a relationship.

Community – We live a large community.

Competition – He is really worried about the competition.

Computer – He bought a new computer.

Concept – The whole concept is ridiculous.

ContextStephan says that he has been taken out of context on the issue.

Control – The whole operation is under the control of a production manager.

Country – He has traveled around the country.

County – It is one of the most attractive towns in the county.

Customer – He was a regular customer at the shop.

Data – There is very little data available.

Dealer – He is a dealer in foreign stamps.

Death – He had been depressed since the death of his father.

Decision – He will make the decision on my own.

Definition – He did not know the definition of the word.

Department – She works in the finance department.

Depression – There is depression in the housing market.

Depth – We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.

Development – I don’t think there have been any new developments since last four years.

Difference – I know the difference between right and wrong.

Direction – He wanted directions to a good Indian restaurant.

Discussion – We should continue this discussion in private?

Disease – He suffers from chronic disease.

Disk – He has stored the data on a hard disk.

Distribution – The distribution of medals will take place next week.

Driver – Is he a good driver?

Economic – They have no economic advantage in going to war.

Education – She received her education at private schools.

EffortIt wasn’t easy, but it was worth the effort.

Energy – They devoted all their energy to the completion of the project.

Entertainment – There will be live entertainment throughout the day.

Environment – We’re trying to create a better environment for our students.

Equipment – You need to have the right equipment to do the job.

Estate – He will be inheriting the estate from his parents.

Event – We are having a school event in April.

Exam – He is expected him to fail the exam.

Expression – He was confused by her expression.

Fact – Do you know that for a fact?

Failure – The accident was caused by break failure.

Family – He wants to spend more time with her family.

Findings – The findings were published in the magazine.

Fishing – He went fishing with his dad.

Flight – Her flight was delayed by seven hours.

Food – Do you have enough food?.

Foundation – His foundation works for underprivileged children.

Freedom – He refuses to give up his freedom of speech.

Goal – His goal is to become a footballer.

Government – I don’t agree with the government’s policy on migration.

Grandmother – He visits his grandmother every Sunday.

Growth – He was surprised at the city’s fast growth.

HealthSmoking is bad for your health.

Heart – He died of a heart attack.

History – He cheated on his history test.

Housing – A new housing project has been authorized by the city.

Idea – Starting her own restaurant seemed like a good idea at the time, but it turned out badly.

Importance – He knows the importance of a good education.

Income – He earns a good income as a doctor.

Industry – The city is famous for its car industry.

Inflation – The government has been unable to control inflation.

Information – He might have some information that we need.

Instance – She prefers, in this instance, to remain anonymous.

Insurance – Do you have medical insurance?

Internet – He is always on the Internet.

Investment – He can give you investment advice.

Knowledge – He has read a lot of books to increase his knowledge.

Lake – There is a beautiful lake in the city.

Language – What’s your native language?

Law – He decided to study law.

Library – I am going to return the book to the library.

Literature – He is interested in American literature.

Location – This is a perfect location.

Love – He fell in love with her.

Management – The management is looking into the problem.

Map – Where can I get a map?

Marketing – They have increased their budget for marketing.

Marriage – They had an arranged marriage.

Math – He got good marks in math.

Meat – I don’t like meat.

Media – The government tends to control the media.

Medicine – He is a member of the running club.

Member – He needs his medicine

Message – He didn’t leave any message for you.

Method – What method did you use.

Moment – It should only take a moment to fix the problem.

Month – I will go to meet him next month.

Mood – He is in a grumpy mood.

Movie – I have seen that movie.

Music – I don’t like his music.

Nation – The entire nation is celebrating the victory.

Nature – He devoted himself to the study of nature.

News – Is it good news?

Newspaper – Have you read the newspaper.

Night – He was up all night.

Office – He is waiting for you in the office.

Opinion – I want your opinion.

Opportunity – You will get lot of opportunities there.

Organization – They both are working in the same organization.

Oven – I have given the oven for repairing.

Painting – I love that painting.

Paper – They are out of paper.

Payment – He has not received the payment yet.

People – He knows a lot of people.

Performance – It was his best performance.

Person – He’s a good person.

Perspective – She had an interesting perspective.

Phone – May I use your phone, please?

Photo – He showed me a lot of photos.

Policy – It goes without saying that honesty is the best policy.

Politics – I have no interest in politics.

Population – The population of the world is increasing very fast.

President – He was elected president.

Product – It is a brand new product.

Property – This is private property.

Quality – They offer quality at a reasonable price.

Reading – He loves reading.

Recipe – Where did you get the recipe?

Relationship – He is not in a relationship right now.

Responsibility – I take full responsibility for my actions.

Road – We parked by the side of the road.

Role – He played a key role in the movement.

Safety – I’m concerned for his safety.

Scene – It was a beautiful scene.

Science – He loves studying science.

Security – The college provides adequate security on campus.

Shopping – He has gone shopping at the mall.

Situation – They are worried about the current political situation.

Skill – The work requires a lot of skill.

Society – You will be introduced to society at a formal reception.

Software – You should update your computer to latest software.

Soup – I don’t like soup.

Statement – Their statements will be recorded next week.

Story – His story made everyone emotional.

Strategy – This strategy won’t work here.

Student – They have 400 students in the school.

SuccessSuccess comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life.

System – You don’t know the system, do you?

Teacher – He used to be a teacher.

Teaching – He loves teaching at the school.

TechnologyTechnology has made our lives much easier.

Television – He likes watching television.

TemperatureTemperature will be above normal this year.

Theory – Have you read the theory of evolution.

Topic – We discussed a wide range of topics.

Truth – You won’t be able to handle the truth.

Unit – The party broke up into smaller units.

University – He will go to university next year.

User – They have more than a million monthly users.

Variety – You can get a wide variety of things at that store.

Video – He is watching a video on his phone.

Way – I hated her way of cooking potatoes.

WealthWealth can not make you happy.

Week – He had a tough week.

Woman – She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Wood – The house is surrounded by woods.

World – All the money in the world couldn’t have saved him.

Writing – She does not have a good writing.

Year – I have known him for years.

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