100+ Important One Word Substitution

It is sometimes desirable to express the idea of a phrase or a group of words by using a single word:

A child born after the death of its father – Posthumous

A child born of parents who were not married – Illegitimate

A child whose parents are dead – Orphan

A gathering of worshippers – Congregation

A hundred years – Century

A man who remains unmarried – Bachelor

A man whose wife is dead – Widower

A person indifferent to both pleasure and pain – Stoic

A person trained for competing in physical exercises and outdoor games – Athlete

A person who always looks at the bright side of things – Optimist

A person who always looks at the dark side of things – Pessimist

A person who brings in goods from a foreign country – Importer

A person who can use both hands with equal ease – Ambidextrous

A person who comes as a settler into another country – Immigrant

A person who does no work and lives on others – Drone

A person who gets goods secretly and illegally into or out of a country – Smuggler

A person who goes away from one’s own country to another to settle there – Emigrant

A person who helps others, especially those who are poor or in trouble – Philanthropist

A person who is a great lover of his country – Patriot

A person who is sent to preach his religion, especially among people who are ignorant of it – Missionary

A person who loves wealth for its own sake and is not inclined to spend it -Miser

A person who represents his country’s economic, political and other interests in another country – Ambassador

A person who sends goods to another country – Exporter

A person who smuggles alcoholic liquor or sells it illegally – Bootlegger

A person who spends extravagantly – Spendthrift

A person who visits other countries for pleasure – Tourist

A person who writes the life of another person – Biographer

A place where bees are kept – Apiary

A place where birds are kept – Aviary

A plant or animal that draws sustenance from another – Parasite

A traveller through outer space – Astronaut

A woman who remains unmarried – Spinster

A woman whose husband is dead – Widow

Aircraft with two pairs of wings, one above the other – Biplane

Allowing light to pass through, so that objects behind can be distinctly seen – Transparent

An artificial pond or tank for keeping and showing living fish – Aquarium

An operation performed on a dead body to find the cause of death – Postmortem

Custom of having more than one husband at the same time – Polyandry

Custom of having more than one wife at the same time – Polygamy

Difficult or impossible to read – Illegible

Fit to be eaten – Edible

Going back from the reach of memory – Immemorial

Government by nobles – Autocracy

Government by officials – Bureaucracy

Government carried on by the people or its elected representatives – Republic

Government of the people, for the people and by the people – Democracy

Grounds of a school, or university, where the main buildings are located – Campus

Group of military operations with a set purpose, usually in one area – Campaign

Having two wives or husbands living – Bigamy

Helping neither side in war or quarrel – Neutral

Incapable of making mistakes or doing wrong – Infallible

Life history of a person written by another – Biography

Life story of a person written by himself – Autobiography

List of the days, weeks, months, of a particular year – Calendar

Not favouring one more than another – Impartial

Not yet fully developed – Immature

Official in charge of a museum – Curator

One who abstains from alcoholic drinks – Teetotaler

One who believes implicitly in fate – Fatalist

One who collects postage-stamps – Philatelist

One who does not believe in the existence of God – Atheist

One who goes on a journey to a holy place – Pilgrim

One who is all-powerful – Omnipotent

One who is present everywhere – Omnipresent

One who is unable to pay one’s debts – Insolvent; bankrupt

One who knows everything – Omniscient

One who plays a game for pleasure and not professionally – Amateur

One who studies the science of the sun, moon, stars, and planets – Astronomer

Onewho cannot be elected or selected under the rules – Ineligible

Person with no belief in religion (especially in what it is considered to be the true religion) – Infidel

Practice of being married to only one person at a time – Monogamy

Science of life and living things- Biology

Soldiers who fight on horseback – Cavalry

Sudden happening which makes quick action necessary – Emergency

That can be spread by means of germs carried in the atmosphere or in water – Infectious

That can be spread by touch – Contagious

That cannot be seen through – Opaque

That may be easily set on fire – Inflammable

That which can he easily be understood – Intelligible

That which cannot be approached – Inaccessible

That which cannot be believed – Incredible

That which cannot be blotted out or effaced – Indelible

That which cannot be conquered – Invincible

That which cannot be destroyed – Indestructible

That which cannot be divided – Indivisible

That which cannot be done without – Indispensable

That which cannot be explained – Inexplicable

That which cannot be heard – Inaudible

That which cannot be perceived by the senses – Imperceptible

That which cannot be recalled or altered – Irrevocable

That which cannot be seen – Invisible

That which cannot be solved – Insolvable

That which is sure to happen – Inevitable

That which makes it difficult to recognize the presence or real nature of something – Camouflage

The act of killing oneself – Suicide

The dead body of a human being – Corpse

The dead body of an animal – Carcass

The want of government in a country – Anarchy

Unable to read or write – Illiterate

Yearly return of the date of an event – Anniversary

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