Paragraph on An Hour Before the Examination

Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on the given topic: An Hour before the Examination.

An Hour before the Examination

Examinations are the dumb terrors that torture the students throughout the year. Students, in fact, fear the examinations. Some of them fall sick and suffer from examination fever. On the day of the examination, especially an hour before the examination, psychological fear is maximum. Students are in a confused state of mind and they are not sure about themselves. In fact they lose confidence and some of them even forget what they had crammed. The rumour mongers, who claim to know the question paper, worsen the confusion and some students undertake a hurried revision. Their faces look pale, their cheeks are sunken and their eyes lose glitter. Some students, however, can be seen doing last-minute studies. This all is due to the faulty system of examinations. A remedy should be found out as early as possible to relieve the student community of the fear of examinations.

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