Paragraph on An Unforgettable Journey

Have you ever made a journey that was unforgettable in some way? What made it memorable? Write a paragraph on this.

An Unforgettable Journey

We mostly went to our village with our mother during our summer and winter vacations. However, once my aunt and cousins also accompanied us. This was one of the best train journeys of my life. We took the top berth after having the delicious biryani which our mother had cooked for us. We had already planned that we will stay awake until late at night to enjoy the journey in each other’s company. We began the fun by playing cards. As we finished a game or two, two boys sitting in the middle berth asked us if they could join us. Playing cards is always fun with more players. After playing cards, we began a game of dumb charades. Since, we had been playing for almost four hours now, we felt hungry and it was snack time. We stealthily took out chips and biscuits from our bags. We chatted, cracked jokes and laughed heartily as we ate snacks. This journey gave us memories to cherish forever.

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