Paragraph on An Unpleasant Dream

Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on the given topic: An Unpleasant Dream.

An Unpleasant Dream

Last night I was reading a ghost story lying in my bed and I do not know when sleep overpowered me. In my dream, I met an old man who said that he was a magician. He claimed that he could command airy spirits to do anything for him. I laughed at him and even called him an imposter. He grew angry with me. He lifted his hand and muttered some strange words. Immediately, a cobra appeared in his hand which he let loose towards me. I got frightened and tried to run way but could not lift my feet off the ground. I shrieked out of fear. My father, who was sleeping by my side, got up. Father shook me and asked what the matter was. Then I told him about my unpleasant dream.

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