Paragraph on Being Human in Age of Artificial Intelligence

Write a paragraph on Being Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Being Human in the age of Artificial Intelligence

As MIT Physics Professor Max Tegmar says, “Intelligence is the crux of the problem.” Our intelligence is the reason, we have more power than any other animal on the planet. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will bring astoundingly positive things with it. But at the same time there are always two sides of a coin. Having said that, one cannot argue over the fact that there are certain events in which utilisation of a robot can actually turn out to be much more efficient when compared to a human being. However, it is imperative to state that it is the human finesse that controls, operates, and direct the use of such a technology. In every kind of industry that makes an extensive use of artificial intelligence, human input, human interaction, and human judgment can still not be replaced by the capabilities of an artificially intelligent machine. Also, Robots like Sophia, though has capabilities much more than a human being but surely it lacks emotions. It is the high emotional quotient that human beings have saved the earth from turning into a battle of beast. Compassion, love, sympathy, kindness all are characteristics of a human being not any humanoid robot. Thus, even though robots are future of the world but future of mankind is nonetheless are humans.

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