Paragraph on Christmas Party

Write a paragraph on Christmas party.

Christmas Party

I was very excited when I was invited by my friend to attend the Christmas Carnival which was organized by her. Christmas is a synonym to winter chill, stars, wreaths, Santa Claus, plum cakes, carols and midnight mass at the church. Many of us were dressed in red to mark the celebration. The Carnival included several presentations by live band, light music filling up the ambience, jugglers, a photo studio meant for funny and memorable clicks, magicians, several games as well as food stalls offering scrumptious snacks. Such festive celebrations call for merriment with family and friends. Events like these add up the lost energies of people and give a chance to people to break the mundane lifestyle. With loads of gifts and goodies to be won, this Carnival turned out to be a memorable one, filled with vigour and excitement.

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