Paragraph on Fashion Among Students

Write a paragraph in about 100-120 words on the given topic: Fashion Among Students.

Fashion Among Students

To be in fashion is a craze all over the world. Students in India also are very particular about fashion. Every student, whether a boy or a girl, likes to wear dresses of the latest fashion. They want to look smart, up-to-date and attractive. They imitate actors and actresses. Tailors and fashion designers also keep on introducing new designs regularly. In fact, tailoring shops today are the temples of fashion. Even shoe shops are offering the latest varieties of footwear. Fashion also includes going to clubs, hotels or restaurants, drinking, smoking, reading film magazines, making friends with members of the other sex. Girls like to expose their bodies more and more, prefer to look like dolls and move about like butterflies. Girls go in for haircut, while boys are growing long hair. Students, in fact, do not realise that they are wasting their precious time as well as hard-earned money of their parents. It is essential to take proper care of the body but not artificially.

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