Paragraph on Importance of Trees

Imagine what is going to happen if there are no trees. In about 100 words, write a paragraph on the importance of trees.

Importance of Trees

Trees are very important for us. They are called the lungs of the earth, because they give out oxygen and take in carbon dioxide. Oxygen is needed by animals and humans to breathe. Trees help to cause rainfall. They help to keep the soil moist and prevent soil erosion. Well- forested areas help to keep the atmosphere cool. Every part of a tree is useful for us. Parts of some plants are also used to make medicines, dyes, rubber, cosmetics and spices. Forests are an important natural resource and trees are home to many animals and birds.

Importance of Trees

Trees are very important and a precious gift of nature. They give us wood for fuel, fruits to eat and most importantly fresh air to breathe. For the poor they also provide shade and shelter. Trees are the home of many birds and animals. They help to preserve soil also. They help to bring rain and also control floods. Therefore, trees should not be cut unnecessarily. It is the responsibility of each one of us to preserve and protect trees. and even plant more and more.

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