Paragraph on My Favorite Place

Write a paragraph in about 100 words about your favourite place.

My Favorite Place

My favorite place is my grandmother’s village near Agra city. Her village is very calm and peaceful and not over-crowded like our cities. It is indeed a great joy to spend a few holidays there. There is fresh air all around. The green fields present a very beautiful sight. The food is simple and healthy. There is no noise pollution and no traffic jams. The people are simple and care for each other. I love to go there in the rainy season because I can also see the peacocks dancing in the fields, which is a rare opportunity.

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  1. Last Friday , I went to beach in our neighbourhood ..our neighbourhoods beach was always dirty ..with a lot of rubbish all around the beach and even in water . then last week a group of friends from our local school decided to volunteer and turned it to a beautiful welcoming beach . they did a great job .first they worked on the cleaning of beach . They removed all the rubbish from ground and even from the water .then they placed signs about the cleanness . if you come to the beach you will not reorganize it . it is a very beautiful place filled with laughter and joy. we can enjoy swimming there and chilling on the clean sand . Now we can see rubbish bins after some space .which makes people use them and stop throwing rubbish in the beach …we love going to our clean beach ..

    Abdulrehman asif Rashid

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