Paragraph on My Favourite Game

Write a short paragraph on My Favourite Game.

My Favourite Game

My favourite game is cricket. It is one of the most popular games of the world. It is the national game of England, but now more and more countries are playing this game. This game is played with bat and ball on a long strip of field about 22 yards called the pitch. Two teams comprising of eleven players each, play this game. One team does batting and makes runs by running between the wickets and the other team bowls and fields. The players are spread all around the field to stop the ball, thus restricting the batsman from making runs. If the ball hits the stumps or if the fielder catches the ball then the batsman is out. In this way all the eleven players are made out. Then the second team comes in to bat and tries to make runs and exceeds the score of the previous team in order to win. A test match lasts for four to five days. Now-a-days one day matches and limited over matches like 50-50 or 20-20 are more prevalent. It is an exciting game. Sachin Tendulkar of India is the best cricketer of the century and we Indians are proud of him.

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