Paragraph on My School

Write a Paragraph in about 100 words ‘My School’.

My School

I study in St. John’s Academy. My school is a senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE. It has three buildings. The main building is the senior section from classes IX to XII. It also has the office and the Principal’s office. It is a two storeyed building. The science labs and the computer lab are on the 1st floor. The second and the third buildings house the middle and primary sections respectively. There is a big library, a multipurpose hall and a Yoga hall also. There are huge play fields with a tennis court and a basket ball court. There is a swimming pool also. My school has very efficient and hard working teachers. The helping staff is also very good. I love my school very much.

My School

I study in D.K Public School of Rajkot. It is a famous school with many good teachers. The school is from class nursery to XII. The school has all the modern technologies and facilities. Each class has and LCD where sometimes we are taught through computers. There are many playgrounds and a swimming pool. We also have a very big music and dance room and a very nice auditorium where 1500 people can sit together. It also has very good light and sound systems. It is one of the best schools in the city.

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