Paragraph on Should Robot Replace the Human Teacher?

Write a paragraph on Should Robot replace the human teacher?

Should Robot replace the human teacher?

There is no doubt that robots are much more efficient than teachers ever will be. But human teachers make learning fun, and they can be caring and understanding. The biggest advantage of computer teachers is that the computer teachers have better memory than the human teacher has as a computer can memorise anything. In my opinion, computers should not replace teachers. UNESCO claims, that today’s robots simply can’t match human teachers in the quality of education they provide to students. Hence, it is possible that no robot will ever be good enough to replace teachers completely. While robots can teach students skills or reinforce difficult concepts for struggling students, it can’t replace a human teacher. Students need emotional support along with academic support from the teacher which only a human teacher can provide. Human teachers have feelings as there in students and thus are capable of sharing experiences with the students whereas mechanical teachers cannot do that. Only human teachers can develop skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and entrepreneurialism in their pupils to stay relevant in a changing society. Education is not just about the acquisition of knowledge; it is about relationships and the shaping young minds. A good teacher does not just impart facts; but creates a thirst for knowledge, inspire and motivates his students to learn to how to quench that thirst. Teachers also encourage the students to think for themselves and to innovate new solutions, something that (Artificial Intelligence) cannot do.

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