Paragraph on Trip to Chhattisgarh

Write a paragraph on trip to Chhattisgarh.

Trip to Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh is one of the richest biodiversity areas in the country. 45% of its area is covered by forests. The beautiful landscape of Chhattisgarh comprises of the ancient monuments, waterfalls and caves. Its important festivals are the Hareli Festival and Baster Dussehra. The Hareli festival is the harvest festival and is celebrated in a joyous mood by everyone. The Baster Dussehra is a 75 days long event celebrated in honour of the ancient goddess of arms. It is well connected to Raipur by air and to Mumbai, Nagpur and Kolkata by rail route. The National Highway 6 (NH6) passes through this magnificent place. There are many government Guest Houses, Hotels and Star Hotels here which makes it easier for tourist to accommodate themselves.

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