Participles – Exercises for Class 8

The word which is partly a verb and partly an adjective in its use is called a particle. Example: Trembling with fear, the girl started crying.


Q. Combine the following pairs of sentence by using participles.

  1. Rani was in Mumbai. She worked as a teacher.
  2. I took pity on the man. I gave him some money.
  3. The house was decorated with lights. It looked beautiful.
  4. I found the door open. I went inside.
  5. The old woman walked carelessly. She slipped on the floor.


Q. Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of particles.

  1. His father had a _____________ look. (worry)
  2. The _____________ dog sprang up and caught the thief. (bark)
  3. The _____________ team cheered loudly. (win)
  4. The _____________ soldier was taken to the hospital. (wound)


  1. worrying
  2. barking
  3. winning
  4. wounded

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