Passive Voice – Exercises

In passive voice, the thing receiving the action is the subject of the sentence and the thing doing the action is optionally included near the end of the sentence.

Passive Voice Exercises

Q. Change the following sentences into passive:

  1. The maid is sweeping the broken pieces of glass.
  2. The police have solved most of the crimes this year.
  3. Only a few of us attended the spiritual talk.
  4. The gardener sweeps and mops the hall once a week.
  5. Mrs. Lim is boiling the sweet potatoes at the moment.
  6. The authorities will launch a cleanliness campaign in the park.
  7. We will work out the details of the agreement within a week.
  8. No one responded to the call to donate blood.
  9. The good Samaritan helped the blind man cross the road.
  10. The salesman is driving Danny’s new car out of the garage.


  1. The broken pieces of glass are being swept by the maid.
  2. Most of the crimes this year have been solved by the police.
  3. The spiritual talk was attended by only a few of us.
  4. The hall is swept and mopped by the gardener once a week.
  5. The sweet potatoes are being boiled by Mrs. Lim at the moment.
  6. A cleanliness campaign will be launched by the authorities in the park.
  7. The details of the agreement will be worked out by us within a week.
  8. The call to donate blood was not responded to by anyone.
  9. The blind man was helped by the good Samaritan to cross the road.
  10. Danny’s new car is being driven out of the garage by the salesman.

Q. Change into Passive Voice:

  1. Students are making a loud noise.
  2. Grandparents love their grandchildren a lot.
  3. Pupils respect their teachers.
  4. Lata Mangeshkar sings a sweet song.
  5. The tortoise wins the race.
  6. We learn our lessons daily.
  7. Do you like chocolates?
  8. I am writing a story.
  9. The gardener is watering the plants.
  10. I have bought a new bike.


  1. Aloud noise is being made by the students.
  2. Grandchildren are loved a lot by their grandparents.
  3. Teachers are respected by their pupils.
  4. A sweet song is sung by Lata Mangeshkar.
  5. The race is won by the tortoise.
  6. Our lessons are learnt by us daily.
  7. Are chocolates liked by you?
  8. A story is being written by me.
  9. The plants are being watered by the gardener.
  10. A new bike has been bought by me.

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