Past Continuous Tense – Exercises for Class 5

The past continuous tense tells us about actions that were going on in the past.


Q. Make sentences by picking up words from the given columns.

1. Iteasing the old man
2. Hewashelping your mother in kitchen
3. Wewerewaiting for the chief guest.
4. Youdoing his work
5. Georgegoing to meet our teacher


  1. I was teasing the old man.
  2. He was helping your mother in kitchen.
  3. We were waiting for the chief guest.
  4. You were doing his work.
  5. George was going to meet our teacher.

Q. Fill in the blanks with the past continuous form of the verbs given in bracket.

  1. Emma ______________ when her friends came to meet her. (sleep)
  2. Joy and David ______________ their bicycles in the park yesterday. (ride)
  3. Marry ______________ when the children came back from school. (work)
  4. They ______________ a movie yesterday. (watch)
  5. He ______________ to music. (listen)


  1. was sleeping
  2. were riding
  3. was working
  4. were watching
  5. was listening

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