Past Perfect Tense – Exercises for Class 8

Past perfect tense is used: to denote the earlier action when two actions in the past are mentioned; to express completion of a past action which had started earlier; to express an imaginary conditional state in the past. Example: She had eaten a pastry.


Q. Fill in the blanks using the past perfect tense.

  1. The train _______________ (arrive) when I reached the railway station.
  2. Shreya _______________ (expect) to make it to the top this time.
  3. I _______________ (inform) you about his arrival before he reached.
  4. He _______________ (leave) for the day.
  5. Vikas _______________ (lose) his wallet within two day of receiving it.


  1. had arrived
  2. had expected
  3. had informed
  4. had left
  5. had lost

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